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Here are some of the common questions we get asked about boat licenses.


Q. Why should i choose All About Boat & Jetski Licenses to conduct my Boat and Jetski Licence training.

A. Our trainers are highly skilled and experienced in delivering training courses that offer the perfect balance between the Theory component delivered in a classroom environment with the assistance of powerpoint projection OR completed ONLINE BY CLICKING ON THE LINK and the Practical component delivered in our purpose built boats and jetskis, our trainers work with the students to enable them to gain competency in manouvreing the boat and extra skills such as – trip planning and preparation – launching – navigating – berthing and casting off – trimming the engine – manageing an emergency – and anchoring. We are extermely passionate about what we do and create a stress free training course and a relaxed atmosphere.

Q. How do I obtain a boat license

A. Complete a Boatsafe Approved training course and submit an application form.

Q. How old do I need to be to obtain a boat license

A. 16 years but you may complete the course at 15 and a half years.

Q. Can I operate a Jetski  with a boat license.

A. No you need to obtain a separate Jetski license.

Q. Does a boat license become endorsed on my car drivers license.

A. Yes, but not until renewal of your car license, a confirmation report is issued in the interim.

Q. Who enforces regulations and rules on the water.

A. Water Police, Boating and Fisheries Patrol Officer and authorised Officers of Maritime Safety Queensland, they issue on the spot fines

Q .Does my boat and jetski license have a demerit point system.

A. No, but if you have 3 marine infringement notices within a 2 year period a show cause will be issued.

Q. What size boat does this licence cover.

A. Any recreational boat .

Q .Can I use this license interstate.

A. Yes, but it must be transferred if moving permanently.

Q. .Is there a blood alcohol limit on the water.

A. Yes 0.05 same as on the road.

Q. Do I need to do any pre-study before attending your course.

A. No, but you can down the boating knowledge section on this website.

Q. I have commitments such as work or family which prevent me from attending a full course is there any alternative.

A. Yes you can choose self paced learning or flexible delivery or ONLINE, contact Gary on 0418159162 for details.


Please contact our highly experienced instructor Gary on (07) 3287 6262 or 0418 159 162 (mobile).

You can also complete our information request form.