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All About Boat and JetSki Licenses

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A) Fees charged

All fees and charges applicable to the delivery of the course will be disclosed to the candidate at the enquiry stage. The actual charge for the course is determined by the B.T.P. and is market driven and may vary at different locations throughout the state.

B) Refund policy

If a candidate is not satisfied with the course outcome a full refund will be offered.No refund will be given after the online theory component is Completed. A candidate who is deemed Not Yet Competent will not be offered a refund, but will be given extra tuition to assist them in gaining Competency. The refund document must be completed for confirmation purposes.


C) Grievance or Appeal Procedures

If any problems are experienced during the course, the B.T.P. should be contacted in the first instance. If the B.T.P is unable to resolve the problem to the clients satisfaction the matter should be brought to the attention of the B.T.O at ( 57 St Andrews Drive Cornubia 4130) All complaints will be independently reviewed and a written response provided to complaints within 14 days of the referral of the complaint to the B.T.O.

D) Course Details Including Outcomes and Expectations.

The Boatsafe scheme is a competency based training and assessment scheme conducted in six units of competency for a R.M.D.L and unit seven for a P.W.C.L, to achieve competency the Candidate must demonstrate competency in the theory component and practically demonstrate their ability to operate a recreational vessel or personal watercraft safely and competently by performing a series of maneuvering drills and assessment tasks. The Candidate must demonstrate seamanship, seafaring skills and safe operating practices during the assessment.

Underpinning knowledge is also required.

The Boatsafe Competency Standard introduced by M.S.Q outlines the required competencies.

On successful completion the student will be issued with a Statement of Competency endorsed as competent.